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We carry water softener accessories

You've gone to the store, purchased your milk and eggs and left with everything you thought you needed. Except you forgot the salt for your water softener. Not to worry, Aqua Pure can deliver your water softener salt right to your front door.

For salt delivery, just call us at 989-291-5747 or 1-800-355-SOFT (7638). We'll get the salt delivered quickly to your front door. Aqua Pure also carries the necessary accessories for water softeners and drinking systems, including heavy duty filters and regular filters.

What type of salt do you need?

- Rock salt

- Solar salt

- Evaporated salt

- Rust-removal salt

- Salt pellets

- Salt crystals

- Salt rocks

- Sodium chloride salt

- Potassium chloride salt

Serving the area for 25 years

Our service technicians have been meeting the expectations of our clients for more than 25 years, since 1988. We've been providing water conditioning services to the Sheridan, MI area and are proud to keep delivering top-quality products and services. Call us for winterizing services, too.

We offer FREE water analysis service for your home.

Just call 989-291-5747

or 1-800-355-SOFT (7638)

for more information.

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