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Great rental options for summer cottages

Are you only here for the summer? Do you want to improve the water conditions available at your cottage or campground unit? We rent water softener units. You'll have fresh-tasting water all summer long.

Our trained water conditioning professionals are experienced and prepared to help you decide what options are the best choice for your cottage, just for the summer months. We proudly serve Ionia and Montcalm counties.

Water softener options

- Salt-free water softeners

- Water purification

- Iron and hydrogen sulfide removal systems

- Sediment and turbidity removal systems

- Whole house fluoride removal systems

- Salt-based water treatment systems

- Reverse osmosis water system

- Smart water softeners

Remove iron and sediments

Our service technicians also deliver salt and accessories, such as heavy duty filters and regular filters. We'd be happy to improve your water during the summer by providing a softener that will help remove sediments and iron.


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You can appreciate

great tasting water during the summer months, too.



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