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Improving your home's drinking water has a lot of benefits, aside from the obvious. Your coffee will taste better. No need for bottled water. And your kids will drink less soda due to easier access to great tasting water.

Aqua Pure has been serving Ionia and Montcalm counties since 1988. We've remained committed to providing superior service to our customers, with water conditioning systems, drinking water systems, and salt sales.

Drinking water systems

- Carbon filtration

- Distillation

- Ion-exchange demineralization

- Ion-exchange softening

- Iron or oxidizing filtration

- Neutralizing filtration

- Ozone

- Reverse osmosis

- Sand filtration

- Sediment filtration

- Ultra-violet sterilization

Financing options available

We offer financing options for water softener systems and drinking water systems, as well as rental options. Our smart water softeners use less water, less salt, and are auto adjustable. Our systems also treat heavy duty iron and rust, removing heavy amounts of rust, the rotten egg smell, and bad tastes.


You can ask for a FREE water analysis for your home's drinking water.

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