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We have financing and rental options available

Having clean drinking water that also tastes good is achievable, especially with water filter systems and conditioning systems from Aqua Pure. We can offer a complete system that will remove any hard water problems and purify your drinking water.

We offer financing for a new water softener and filter, and drinking water systems, as well as rental options. Now is the time to get the best tasting water, right in your own home. Aqua Pure offers a FREE water analysis for your home as well.

Water conditioning

- Salt-free water softeners

- Water purification

- Iron and hydrogen sulfide removal


- Sediment and turbidity removal


- Whole house fluoride removal systems

- Salt-based water treatment systems

- Reverse osmosis water system

- Smart water softeners

Professional services

We've been providing professional water conditioning services to the Sheridan, MI area since 1988. Besides selling water softeners and drinking water systems, we also sell salt, heavy duty filters, and regular filters to our customers.


Need delivery? We can deliver the salt to your door. Give us a call today to see how we can improve your water.

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Water analysis Water purifier

Water Treatment System

American Made Whole house water filtration systems provide the following benefits:

  • Improve the taste of your water

  • Extend the life of your water appliances

  • Filter out chlorine, iron, sulfur, and sediment

  • Your water will be less acidic

  • Filter out heavy silt and grit

  • Custom filters for unique water issues

  • Blue tooth technology to set vacation mode

  • Lower consumption of salt