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Remove iron and bacteria with our systems

Understanding what you're drinking on a daily basis is the first step to fixing any possible problems. Aqua Pure offers a FREE water analysis that test for bacteria, hardness, nitrates, and pH levels of your water.

Our products are meant to improve your water, remove any possible hardness, adjust pH levels, and remove bacteria. We've been providing water softener and drinking water systems to the Sheridan, MI area for more than 25 years.

What do we test for?

- Bacteria (E. coli and coliform)

- Nitrates

- Total dissolved solids

- Total dissolved oxygen

- Hardness

- Iron content

- pH levels

- Sulphur

- Manganese

- Arsenic

- Chromium

Salt delivery, too

Our service technicians also deliver salt and provide winterizing services for those who leave their homes for sunnier weather.


We provide smart water softeners to our clients. The softeners use less water, use less salt, and auto adjust. Our products are top-quality and cost hundreds less than the competitions. Contact Aqua Pure today at 989-291-5747.

Water testing pH level testing

When using tap water it can taste and smell of chlorine. You may also experience a musty or moldy tasting. Another common tap water taste is an Oily and gas taste/smell.


The cause of the smell/taste could come from many different sources in your house and the best way to dissect the problem is to have a water test conducted in your home.

Water Testing Smelly

If you notice this smell in your drinking water, it probably contains hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Hydrogen sulfide gas produces a strong and unpleasant “rotten egg” or “sulfur” odor and taste.

• Having Sulfor in your water can tarnish silver and can discolors copper and brass utensils.

• Having Sulfor in your water can cause yellow or black stains on kitchen and bathroom fixtures

• Coffee or tea may be discolored and the appearance and taste of cooked foods can be tainted