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Protect your pipes during the winter

Are you traveling south for the winter? Let us winterize your home, so you're safe from pipes bursting while you're away. Aqua Pure is committed to providing great customer service in all aspects, including thorough winterization of your home.

The last thing you want while you're away for the winter is a leak from frozen pipes. That's why, Aqua Pure, will make sure your pipes are wrapped in foam, and that the

lines are drained.

Home winterization:

- Drain pipes

- Turn off main water valve

- Wrap pipes in foam for insulation

  against freezing temperatures

- Check alarms

- Protective chimney cap (keeps foreign

  objects out)

- Clean out ducts

- Remove screens and replace with

  storm windows (keeps the cold out)

- Check the furnace

Top-quality products

Aqua Pure has been serving Ionia and

Montcalm Counties since 1988. That's over 25 years of top-quality products and excellent customer service. We've become well-known for our water treatment know-how and will continue to provide great products and service.  


For salt delivery or accessories,

give us a call at 989-291-5747 or

1-800-355-SOFT (7638).

If you're just spending the summer, call us about water conditioner rentals.


989-291-5747 or

1-800-355-SOFT (7638)

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